Fleetscale Miniatures Database

This page is a maintained list of as many miniature starship sources we know about for use in wargamming. Please note we don't own any of the 3D models or the original source material. We're also not affiliated with any of the 3D prining or other manufacturing services. We are also not affiliated with any wargame companies. We maintain this list as a "one stop shop" for people that want to built or expand their wargaming/display collections.

If you have any new sources (or better quality sources) for any ship/fighter/station of any faction of any franchise please email avidelite@yahoo.ca with the information. Make sure you include a link to the source and the scale of the model (if not obvious on that page).

Birok D10 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways24th Century Strike Cruiser
Bortasqu' Class D10 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways24th Century Cruiser
D'ama D4 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways22nd Century Cruiser
D'Gavama K22 ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways22nd Century BoP
Doch QaW D5 ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways22nd Century Light Cruiser
Doch QaW D5 Tanker ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysDeuterium Tanker
K'mirra L13 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysLate 23rd Century Battleship
K'Tagga D7 ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysFamous from TOS23rd Century Battlecruiser
K'Tinga D7 (×2) ? No, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysLate 23rd Century Battlecruiser
K'Vort D12 ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysLarge BoP, Vor'Cha sized24th Century Cruiser
Karas D10 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways24th Century Strike Cruiser
Negh'Var L13 ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysFlagship24th Century Battleship
Pumwl' L24 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysLate 23rd Century Battleship
qa'HoS D4 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways23rd Century Light Cruiser
Qang D6 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways24th Century Heavy Cruiser
Qeh'Ral L24 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysMid 24th Century Battleship
QeyllS BetleH L24 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways23rd Century Battleship
QuD ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysLate 23rd Century Destroyer
Romulan-inspired Cruiser (×6) No, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysD7 front, warbird style aft
Tel Hegh D6 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways23rd Century Cruiser
ToQ D3 ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysOne of these was commandeered by augments and Dr. Soong in the 22nd century.22nd Century Scout
V'kar Zadan D2 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways23rd Century Destroyer
VoDleH D9 ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways23rd Century Attack Cruiser
Vor'Cha D9 ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysMainline cruiser24th Century Attack Cruiser
Z'gavva/B'Rel/Khitomer K22 (×4) ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysLine of famous BoP, from Star trek III through Martok's Rotarran23rd-24th Century BoPs
Kivra (×4) ? Beta, 1000:1, Unk.Shapeways23-24th Century Shuttle
Tajtiq ? Beta, 1000:1, Unk.Shapeways22nd Century Starfighter