Fleetscale Miniatures Database

This page is a maintained list of as many miniature starship sources we know about for use in wargamming. Please note we don't own any of the 3D models or the original source material. We're also not affiliated with any of the 3D prining or other manufacturing services. We are also not affiliated with any wargame companies. We maintain this list as a "one stop shop" for people that want to built or expand their wargaming/display collections.

If you have any new sources (or better quality sources) for any ship/fighter/station of any faction of any franchise please email avidelite@yahoo.ca with the information. Make sure you include a link to the source and the scale of the model (if not obvious on that page).

Space Lab ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysRegula One
Akira ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapeways
Akula ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Ambassador ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-C
Antares ? Yes, 1200:1, HighShapewaysCargo ships from the animated series.
Anton ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Ares No, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysUSS AresAxanar
Bonaventure ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Centaur ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Challenger ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysSeen at Wolf 359 graveyard
Cheyenne ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysSeen at Wolf 359 graveyard
Condor ? No, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysVal Jean (chakotay's ship)Maquis Raider
Constellation ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS Stargazer, USS Hathaway
Constitution Α ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS Enterprise NCC-1701
Constitution Β ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-A
Crossfield ? Yes, MedShapewaysUSS Discovery
Daedalus ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Defiant ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS Defiant
Deimos No, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysMiranda-era parts, Akira-like layout
Excelsior Α ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS Excelsior
Excelsior Β ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-BCounter-cloak variant
Federation Α ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Federation Β Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Freedom ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysSeen at Wolf 359 graveyard
Galaxy Α ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-DFirst production run
Galaxy Β Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS VentureDominion War variant
Galaxy Ω ATL, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-D"All Good Things" future Enterprise
Hermes/Saladin Α ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Hermes/Saladin Β ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Intrepid ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysStar Trek: Enterprise-era
Intrepid Α ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS Voyager
Intrepid Β Beta, 7000:1, HighShapewaysLonger nacelles and fixed pylons for quantum slipstream drive (Full Circle novels and beyond)
Joshua Paul (×4) No, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysExcelsior Era Destroyer
Larson Α ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Larson Β Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Loknar ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Luna ? Beta, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS TitanStar Trek Online, and novels
Marquess No, 7000:1, HighShapewaysSovereign-era light cruiser.
Mediterranean Yes, Unk.
Miranda Α ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysUses original Enterprise parts
Miranda Β Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysBasic Miranda, no extras
Miranda Γ Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS ReliantTorpedo rollbar
Miranda Δ Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS SaratogaSensors port and starboard (Sisko's ship from DS9 pilot)
Miranda Ε Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS AntaresModern sensor pod for Dominion war
Miranda Ζ No, 7000:1, MedShapewaysTanker
Miranda Η No, 7000:1, MedShapewaysTorpedo rollbar and 4 nacelles
Miranda Θ No, 7000:1, MedShapewaysNacelles above the hull, twin torpedo pods under
Nebula ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysThis model has no pod, buy with one of the pods below to attach.
Extra Nacelles Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysUSS MelbourneShown on screen as a desk model only
Sensor Pod Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysUSS Phoenix
Weapon Pod Α Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysUSS Farragut
Weapon Pod Β No, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysPhaser lance and twin pulse-fire quantum torpedo launchers.
Nebula ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysThis model is printed with "Weapon Pod A" already attached (most common variant shown on screen)
Neptune ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
New Orleans ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapeways
Niagara ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysSeen at Wolf 359 graveyard
Norway ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapeways
Nova Α ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS Equinox
Nova Β ATL, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS Rhode IslandHarry Kim's ship from Voyager finale
NX Α ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS Enterprise NX-01
NX Β Beta, 7000:1, MedShapewaysIntended updrade to the NX that added a secondary hull
Oberth ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS Grissom
Odyssey ? Beta, 7000:1, LowShapewaysUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-FStar Trek Online
Aquarius Beta, Unk.ShapewaysLarge fighter deployed from an external stern bay.
Olympic ? ATL, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS Pasteur"All Good Things" Crusher's ship
Prometheus ? Yes, 7000:1, LowShapewaysUSS PrometheusThis model has 4 parts, the fully assembled ship and all three parts.
Renaissance ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysAmbassador Styled Cruiser
Saber ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapeways
Sovereign Α ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS Enterprise NCC-1701-E
Sovereign Β No, 7000:1, HighShapewaysSlightly modified primary hull, modified nacelle pylons. Transwarp capable?
Sovereign Γ No, 7000:1, HighShapewaysSovereign Beta with Mission Pod added above primary hull, could be used as weapons, sensors, cargo, etc.
Soyuz ? Yes, 7000:1, MedShapewaysUSS Bozeman
Springfield Yes, 7000:1, HighShapewaysSeen at Wolf 359 graveyard, Model only has dorsal pod attached
Steamrunner ? Yes, 7000:1, HighShapeways
Surveillance Cruiser No, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Sydney ? Yes, 7000:1, Unk.ShapewaysUSS Jenolin
Vesta ? Beta, 7000:1, HighShapewaysUSS AventineStar Trek Online, and novels
Wells ? Yes, 3788:1, Unk.ShapewaysUSS Relativity29th century timeship from Voyager
Wilkerson ? Beta, 7000:1, Unk.Shapeways
Danube Β (×4) ? Yes, 1000:1, Unk.ShapewaysUSS Rio GrandeRunabout with roll bar
Federation Attack Fighter (×6) ? Yes, HighShapewaysDominion War
Mission Scout (×7) ? Yes, 1000:1, Unk.ShapewaysStar Trek: Insurrection
Shuttle Type 03 (×4) ? Yes, HighShapewaysStar Trek V
Shuttle Type 06 ? Yes, Unk.ShapewaysTNG
Shuttle Type 08 ? Yes, HighShapewaysVoyager
Shuttle Type 11 (×8) ? Yes, 1000:1, LowShapewaysEnterprise-E
Shuttle Type 15 (×3) ? Yes, HighShapewaysTNG