Fleetscale Miniatures Database

This page is a maintained list of as many miniature starship sources we know about for use in wargamming. Please note we don't own any of the 3D models or the original source material. We're also not affiliated with any of the 3D prining or other manufacturing services. We are also not affiliated with any wargame companies. We maintain this list as a "one stop shop" for people that want to built or expand their wargaming/display collections.

If you have any new sources (or better quality sources) for any ship/fighter/station of any faction of any franchise please email avidelite@yahoo.ca with the information. Make sure you include a link to the source and the scale of the model (if not obvious on that page).

Jump Gate ? Yes, 34000:1, LowShapeways, Website
Apollo Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Missile Cruiser
Apollo Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Missile Cruiser
Arctic ? Yes, 34000:1, LowShapeways, WebsiteHeavy Cruiser
Arion ? Yes, 34000:1, LowShapeways, WebsiteMedium Destroyer
Artemis Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteHeavy Frigate
Artemis Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteHeavy Frigate
Avenger Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteCarrier
Avenger Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteCarrier
Callisto ? Yes, 34000:1, LowShapeways, WebsiteLight Cruiser
Cronos Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Attack Frigate
Cronos Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Attack Frigate
Delphi Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Scout
Delphi Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Scout
Explorer ? Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteOuter Rim Explorer
Explorer ? Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteOuter Rim Explorer
Hermes Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsitePriority Transport
Hyperion ? Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteHeavy Cruiser
Hyperion ? Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteHeavy Cruiser
Marathon ? Yes, 34000:1, LowShapeways, WebsiteAdvanced Cruiser
Nova ? Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteDreadnought
Nova ? Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteDreadnought
Olympus ? Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteCorvette
Olympus ? Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteCorvette
Omega [v.1] ? Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteDestroyer
Omega [v.1] ? Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteDestroyer
Oracle Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteScout
Oracle Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteScout
Orestes Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteMonitor
Orestes Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteMonitor
Orion ? Yes, 34000:1, LowShapeways, WebsiteCarrier
Orpheys ? Yes, 34000:1, LowShapeways, WebsiteDreadnought
Poseidon Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteSupercarrier
Poseidon Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteSupercarrier
Sabre ? Yes, 34000:1, LowShapeways, WebsiteFrigate
Sagittarius Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteMissile Cruiser
Sagittarius Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteMissile Cruiser
Shadow Omega ? Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Destroyer
Shadow Omega ? Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Destroyer
Tantalus ? Yes, 34000:1, LowShapeways, WebsiteAssault Carrier
Tethys (×6) Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsitePolice Cutter
Tethys (×6) Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsitePolice Cutter
Warlock ? Yes, 14000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Destroyer
Warlock ? Yes, 34000:1, LowWebsiteAdvanced Destroyer
Hades ? Yes, 1000:1, Unk.Shapeways, WebsiteAssault Shuttle
Invader (×6) ? Yes, 1000:1, Unk.Shapeways, WebsiteBreaching Pod
Myrmidon (×3) ? Yes, 1000:1, Unk.Shapeways, WebsiteVery Heavy Fighter
SA-23E Aurora (×6) ? Yes, 1000:1, Unk.WebsiteStandard Starfury
SA-32A Thunderbolt (×6) ? Yes, 1000:1, Unk.WebsiteAdvanced Starfury